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Our recommendations

OWP series dust and chip collectors are overpressure equipment for collecting local small chips and dust creating during, among others, technological processing of wood, leather, fabrics, plastics, and similar materials 
A single common cabinet contains a transportation fan, simplified cyclone and dust extractor. The cabinet is mounted on a mobile platform facilitating relocation of the extractor.
The electric motor may operate with a roll situated either up or down depending on the required placement of the vacuum hose. The standard dust collectors are fitted with bag filters made of technical cotton. At individual request may be also fitted with a polyester cloth including anti-electrostatic. Bag filters are used in filtering small chips more>>

Our products

Stationary, centralized, mobile, underpressure and overpressure dust collectors, standard and individual order solutions, mechanical and pneumatic transport, general ventilation systems, auxiliary and securing equipment, bag filters, pocket filters, filter pockets, waste bags, feeding chambers, pipes and ducts, sheet metal galvanized steel pipes, standard fittings, flexible hoses, back pressures valves, safety plates, fire prevention valves, fans, noise absorption housing, noise dampers, heat recovery and recirculation, services, laser cutting, sheet metal bending, powder coating.


- Cutting of sheet-metal on a CNC laser cutter
- Sheet-metal bending on a CNC edge press

We offer the following services:

- Stamping and cutting sheet-metal
- Powder coating of detail elements
- Sewing filter bags and sleeves
- Designing extraction installations

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